SICK is a major global manufacturer of sensors, safety systems, and automatic identification products for Factory Automation, Logistic Automation, and Process Automation. SICK offers cost-effective solutions for automating factories, optimising distribution centres, and monitoring. With over 70 years of experience bringing innovative solutions to the market, SICK is the global benchmark for  automation applications. 


W4F Photoelectric Sensor

The next generation of sensors

Sensors from the W4F product family may be aligned quickly and precisely thanks to the easy “BluePilot” operation concept. The blue LED display provides immediate feedback for proper alignment. A push-turn mechanism allows the photoelectric sensors to be precisely adjusted in a relatively short amount of time. Furthermore, BluePilot displays a visible indicator if the detection quality drops due to contamination or vibration, allowing errors to be addressed early and avoiding unplanned system downtime.

The photoelectric proximity sensor with Foreground Suppression can really show off its powers with extremely reflective and at the same time very flat objects like chocolate bars, cookies, or assemblies. Last but not least, the DoubleLine technology can successfully detect things such as printed circuit boards that have uneven surfaces and crevices. 

Inspection Plus Tracking (IT+)

Turn-key solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

SICK is at the forefront of Industry 4.0 technology development. Digital Twins, Autonomous Operations, Empowered Human-Machine Collaboration, and Seamless Manufacturing are just a few examples of Industry 4.0 adoptions. Seamless Manufacturing enables businesses to scale up and down production depending on SKUs, Lots, and Batches, among other variables. It also enables organisations to realise their aim of a one-lot lot size. Quality and tracking issues are frequently caused by variations in raw materials, cycle time, and throughput.

Using a high-speed, three-dimensional camera system, an advanced machine vision system gives amazing precision. On the production line, this method provides for endless quality control. The system’s precision is measured in microns. Inspection of objects of various sizes and forms is possible with three-dimensional inspection, which is suited for any industry.

SLT Smart Light Tower

SICK take sensor visualisation to the next level with the SLT60 Smart Light tower with IO-Link integration. Make machine and operational statuses unmistakeably clear with customisable colour and signal patterns that can be adapted to any conceivable application.

Product Selection got you stumped?

With over 50,000 available products it’s easy to get a bit lost. A great place to begin is the below Product Overviews. 

DeTec Safety Light Curtains

Intelligent Safety

The intelligent deTec safety light curtains are perfect for securing dangerous areas, entrances, and points. With their broad capabilities, modern technologies such as NFC and IO-Link boost automation and thus productivity. As a result, on-site diagnostics are simple, commissioning is quick, and data is comprehensive enough to automate downstream processes. In addition, the flexible connection idea, combined with the homogeneous housing design, results in cheap cabling, installation, and configuration costs. The required functions are triggered by the appropriate system plug without the use of any software. DeTec also offers solutions for use in extreme environments, with varied enclosure ratings and variations for explosion-hazardous regions. 

Sick goes beyond intelligent sensors.

SICK LifeTime Services is a complete collection of high-quality services offered to support the whole life cycle of products and applications. These services improve people’s safety, increase machine efficiency, and serve as the foundation for customers’ long-term economic success.

Safety Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are both a necessary and a prerequisite for the development of safe devices and systems. This is the only approach to reach a risk level that is acceptable in dangerous conditions. SICK safety specialists conduct customised risk assessments on equipment in the design and construction stages. On this basis, the experts evaluate hazards, assess risks, and recommend relevant risk-reduction solutions. You benefit from a tailored examination of your equipment or system thanks to SICK's vast safety and application knowledge. This enhances not just their safety but also their productivity.

Machine Safety Inspections

The operating business must demonstrate that all dangers have been recognised and that preventive measures have been applied properly before a machine or system may be commissioned. In contrast to checking each individual protective device, a machine safety examination evaluates the machine's overall safety. SICK professionals guarantee that all key mechanical dangers have been considered, appropriately analysed, and necessary measures have been applied effectively in up to 16 separate tests. Drive elements, operational elements, auditory and optical signals, and machine documentation can all be reviewed in addition to the technical protection measures.

Machine Stop Time Measurements

The safety distance chosen determines whether a protective device provides adequate protection against the risky movement. For the full service life of the machine, it must be assured that the movement comes to a halt before the hazardous point is reached. The machine stopping time is determined using SICK's stop time measurement. This data serves as the foundation for determining the safety distances. Stop time monitoring can detect changes in brake wear, for example, at an early stage, allowing for necessary action to be taken. If measuring equipment are examined at regular intervals, consistent and excellent test quality may be attained.

Machine Safety Training

Plants and equipment that are safe give legal assurance to both the manufacturer and the user. Many nations and locations across the world have rules and regulations in place to safeguard people, equipment, and plants. From basic understanding to expert qualification with a final TÜV certificate, SICK provides training for the safety of equipment and plants in factory, logistics, and process automation. Assuring safety with effective technical solutions is always a priority. The trainings are offered all around the world and take into consideration various area regulatory and standard requirements. All trainings are led by competent specialists with years of expertise in the field.


A new level of intelligence

The microScan3 safety laser scanner protects a wide range of applications, from fixed to mobile, and from basic to complicated. The microScan3 is exceptionally resistant to dust and ambient light thanks to the safeHDDM® scanning technology, which also provides high-precision measurement data. It boosts machine availability and productivity. The many microScan3 variations may be easily and safely incorporated into a wide range of networks. The safety laser scanner also provides standardised connections for faster commissioning. The user-friendly operation of the microScan3, as well as the ease of use of its Safety Designer setup software and diagnostic options, combine user-friendliness, innovation, and high performance.

Solutions for Industry

With sophisticated sensor solutions, SICK’s business operations focus on adding value for clients from a wide range of target sectors. SICK provides these solutions in the form of components, systems with software, and individual services all around the world.

T-Easic FTS Thermal Flow Switch

The T-Easic® FTS thermal flow switch uses the calorimetric principle to monitor flow and temperature. It monitors the measured data and communicates them to a higher control when a predetermined limit value is surpassed or undercut, using two digital outputs. IO-Link can be used to set the parameters. It has an OLED display and working buttons as well as an industrial design. Values for media like oil and water that are pre-programmed at the manufacture simplify and speed up commissioning; practically all liquids may be calibrated fast and simply. The sensor is protected during cleaning procedures by the exceptionally durable VISTAL® housing of the industrial design; the hygienic design, which is also available, withstands CIP/SIP conditions.

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