Liquids and gases are measured and controlled in a variety of ways, including flow, level, pressure, dosing, analysis, filtration, temperature, mixing, and process automation. These are the fundamental fluidic variations on which industrial process technology is founded, and Bürkert's expertise and full range of products and services are concentrated on them.

Burkert Element Series

Stylish. Intelligent. Intuitive. Integrated.

ELEMENT is a concept from Bürkert that combines controllers, valves, and sensors with an intelligent architecture in an elegant stainless steel design. Fluids, gases, steam, aggressive media, and contaminated fluids are all reliably controlled by ELEMENT sensors and valves.

ELEMENT process valves were designed for decentralised pneumatically acting process valve automation. This is accomplished by integrating all automation functions into the pneumatic actuator in various configurations. Innovative solutions ensure strong and reliable systems thanks to experience in critical industrial conditions.

The intelligent ELEMENT field devices are built to meet the demands of sanitary process technology for cleaning, material selection, high IP protection, and compactness in a unique way.

Whatever your process automation need, Burkert has a solution.

Decentral automation

Even with complex projects, decentralised automation can provide substantial benefits in terms of monitoring, adaptability, and safety. Decentral automation provides numerous additional advantages if local access to information and valves is required:  Flexible process valve systems constitute the foundation, allowing for lean automation processes and simple cabling and piping. This reduces planning time and increases transparency in plant design, saving time and money during installation and assuring a quick start-up.

Because switching intervals are short and there are almost no delay times, operation is efficient and cost-effective. Furthermore, the combination of intelligent information interchange via direct messaging and status diagnostics, increased reliability due to a well-defined process monitoring architecture, and simple troubleshooting speak for themselves.

Distributed automation

Plant configurations that require valves to be close together or plant sections that can be flexible are well suited to distributed automation. CLASSIC process valves, for example, and controls cabinets and field modules, match perfectly. Planning and engineering work is simplified because these components are intrinsically compatible and prequalified. Plug & play solutions are easy to configure, fully inspected, documented, and can be used immediately on installation. Designed to be installed near plant operations, the control cabinets and pneumatic modules can be installed almost anywhere. In addition, you can easily and quickly extend your automated solution at any time.  

Burkert Distributed Automation

Central automation

In central automation, all control functions and information are centralized in one location. The control cabinet, valve island, communication module, and Classic valves all work together for fast commissioning by using tried-and-tested technology and components. Easy configuration, 100% testing, and full documentation make for straightforward installation. Control functions can be centrally located in a control cabinet or room so that they are far from disturbances. Particularly when harsh conditions and a high degree of operational reliability are present, this is advisable. In operation, pilot valves can be replaced, so the plant remains available all of the time. In addition, central process control makes it easier to keep track of what is happening, and extensions are straightforward.  

Type 8681 Control Head

Decentralised automation of hygenic process valves

For use in hygienic processing in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors, the housing is easy to clean and offers proven IP protection and chemically resistant materials. Up to three pneumatic actuator chambers can be operated individually depending on the process valve type. Both movement directions’ switching speeds can be adjusted separately. A built-in check valve avoids back-pressure-induced improper switching of process valve actuator chambers. An inductive, analogue position sensor detects the process valve switching locations and reports them to the PLC system. A Teach-In function can change up to three switching points automatically. An external inductive proximity switch can also be used to read in a fourth switching position and feed it back.

The coloured status display indicates the specific process valve switching state or a diagnostic function such as required maintenance or fault conditions. A manual override is available on the pilot valves. The proprietary magnetically encoded manual override tool can be used to open the process valve from the outside if the device housing is closed.

Burkert. They make Solenoids, right?

The Burkert product range now includes over 30,000 items including Solenoid Valves, Process and Control Valves, Pneumatics and Process Interfaces, Sensors, Controllers and Transmitters, Filtration Modules, Microfluidics, Mass Flow Controllers and Solenoid Control Valves.

Solenoid Valves
General Purpose 2/2 & 3/2 Solenoids - Water Solenoid Valves - Steam Solenoid Valves - High-Pressure Valves

Sensors, Transmitters & Controllers

Flow - Level - Liquid Analysis - Temperature - Pressure - Controllers & Transmitters & Armatures for Analysis Sensors

Pneumatic Cylinders

Single Acting Cylinders - Double Acting Cylinders & Accessories
Process & Control Valves
Shut-Off Valves - Hygienic/ Pharma Process Valves - Control Valves - Process Valve Automation

Microfluidic Valves & Pumps

2/2 & 3/2 Way Micro Solenoids - Membrane & Micro-dosing Pumps

Filtration Modules

C-CUT Hollow Fibre Modules - T-CUT Tubular Modules - T-CUT PP Tubular Modules
Electromotive Valves
Angle Seat Valves - Globe Valves - Disc Valves - Diaphragm Valves - Ball Valves

Mass Flow Controllers

Mass Flow Meters - Liquid Flow Controllers _ Liquid Flow Meters - Gateway/ IO Modules

BBS Hygienic Fittings

Clamp Ferrules, Clamps & Gaskets - Inline Flow Indicators - Reusable Hose Connections
Pneumatic & Process Interfaces
Valve Islands - Pneumatic Valves - Control Cabinets & Accessories

Solenoid Control Valves

General Purpose Solenoid Control Valves - Motor-Driven Control Valves - Controllers


Burkert Communicator

Configuration, parameterisation, and diagnostics of EDIP devices / networks

Intrinsically Safe Solutions

Automation Solutions for potentially explosive atmospheres

Burkert provides an extensive range of products specifically related to potentially explosive atmospheres with everything geared towards modularity, efficiency and safety. From single solenoid valves for fluids and gases to process valves and ATEX certified control cabinets. 

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Flow Measurement

Burkert Flowave is the solution to providing consistent protein content in dairy products

Protein is removed from raw milk or whey during the industrial manufacturing of milk or whey powder. Plant operators must be able to create a specified volume of powder with the needed protein level, whether it be baby food or a fitness drink. They are supported by a flowmeter that measures more than simply the flow rate.

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