Electric Automation Solutions from FESTO

On the path to seamless machine and system automation, Festo provide a one-of-a-kind set of solutions. Profit from one of the most diverse product portfolios of linear and rotary mechanical systems, servo drives and motors, controller solutions, and I/O systems on the market today, allowing you to implement a wide range of applications, from simple machine and control systems to complex mechatronic subsystem preprocessing.

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FESTO Electric Automation

Electric Drives

Each application necessitates a unique mechanical motion, either linear or rotary. Festo‘s modular mechanical system is extremely versatile, offering all common mechanical motion systems with interfaces that match each other, as well as the workpiece and the motor. Discover our best mechanical connectivity highlights, which are not only impressive due to the ease with which everything can be optimally combined, but also because they are reasonably priced!

ELGC Spindle & Toothed Belt Axis​

Festo ELGC-BS Spindle Axis

The low-cost axis family ELGC enables you to achieve incredibly compact dimensions and maximize your installation space for small parts handling, desktop applications, and much more. The toothed belt axis provides precise, long-lasting rail guidance.

EGSC-BS Mini Slide ​

Festo EGSC-BS Mini Slide

The mini slide EGSC is ideal as an individual axis for precise positioning tasks due to its small size and low cost. The mini slide is ideal for 2D or 3D handling systems due to its excellent connectivity with the axis series ELGC.

EPCC Electric Cylinder

Festo EPCC Electric Cylinder

The EPCC is ideal for use in assembly systems, test and inspection systems, desktop applications, small parts handling, or the electronics industry due to its compact dimensions, precise and quiet ball screw drive, and short positioning times.

Servo Drives & Motors

Festo servo motors and servo drives provide maximum hardware and software connectivity, maximum efficiency, and ease of operation. They provide the ideal interface between your mechanical systems and control technology, and they are quick and simple to commission as a complete drive system with the Festo Automation Suite. Put together an electric product combination that completely meets the requirements of your application, regardless of your electromechanical system and control environment perfectly integrated with Festo electric connectivity.

CMMT-ST Servo Drive

Festo CMMT-ST Servo Drive

The extremely small servo drive CMMT-ST positions and moves up to 300 W, point-to-point or interpolating, in a highly economical, dynamic, and precise manner. 

EMMS-ST Stepper Motor

Festo EMMS-ST Stepper Motor

The durable series of stepper motors in two-phase hybrid technology is ideal for simple positioning applications with low requirements.

EMMT-AS Servo Motor

Festo EMMT-AS Servo Motor

The servo motor EMMT-AS for demanding and dynamic applications has excellent controllability and path accuracy for positioning tasks, while the space-saving, single-cable solution reduces installation effort significantly.

I/O Systems & Controllers

Installation and control concepts interact with one another. This means that architectures must be cleverly networked in order to achieve seamless connectivity. Whether you want a stand-alone control concept with motion control and remote I/O for greater modularity and flexibility in system layout, perfectly connected I/O systems and control solutions with other control concepts, or an optimal, seamless integration into your system environment with Ethernet-based protocols: anything is possible. This is known as intelligent connectivity.

CPX-E Automation System

Festo CPX-E Automation System

The CPX-E serves as the central controller for your custom handling system when used as an automation system. The CPX-E is intended for use as an EtherCAT master controller and motion controller in IP20, as well as a compact, low-cost remote I/O.

CDPX Operator Unit

Festo CDPX Operator Unit

The CDPX combines high-performance processors with wide-screen technology. They provide more features and a higher resolution for human-machine interfaces.

CPX-AP-I Automation System

Festo CPX-AP-I Automation System

The most crucial host systems, including IO-Link master, can now incorporate strong I/O modules and current valve terminal connections thanks to the new I/O system CPX-AP-I in IP65/IP67.

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