BLUTUBE: The SUPERIOR Compressed Air Pipe System

Blutube, the instantly recognizable and superior compressed air piping system combines the numerous strengths of PE100 polyethylene with the flexibility and choice provided by three distinct connection methods, each of which offers unrivaled ease of installation.

Blutube compressed air systems’ unparalleled design flexibility, combined with quality componentry, provides the highest levels of safety, making Blutube the system of choice for all Australian industries and specified by leading Mechanical Engineers.

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Features & Benefits

Superior Safety

Blutube is a quality system with an integral safety factor of 2:1, high pressure/temperature capabilities, and a minimum design life of 50 years, making it suitable for compressed air pressures up to 16 bar and fluids up to 25 bar as per Australia Standards AS4130. Blutube is also thermally stable and suitable for continuous operation in the temperature range of -20 deg C to +60 deg C, and can withstand short term temperature rises of up to 95 degrees C.

Corrosion Free

Blutube will not corrode, with age having no effect on air quality or flow rates, unlike traditional galvanized iron air pipe, where corrosion contaminate the air supply and damage tools and pneumatics, increasing friction, resulting in energy losses, and eventually creating the need for the system to be replaced.

Food Grade & Breathing Air Compatibility

Blutube is approved for use in food plants because it does not support bacterial or microorganism growth and meets AS2070.1 “plastic material for food contact use.” Blutube can also be used in breathing air applications.

Engineering Design Flexibility

With Socket Fusion, Electro Fusion, and Compression fitting ranges, Blutube offers engineers and designers maximum flexibility. This system provides the Australian industry with a complete package that can be easily altered and changed with minimal “downtime” and is perfectly suited to today’s need for quick installation.,

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